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What Do You Need To Get A Mortgage?

Entering into the competitive real estate market can feel like stepping onto a battlefield, which is why The Byron Mortgage Team wants to make the mortgage process as worry-free as possible. You may have questions about the process, like what do you need to get a mortgage? Or when should you get started? Continue reading […]

Do You Need Good Credit To Buy a House?

Many house-hunters often wonder, do you need good credit to buy a house? It is well known that credit scores can affect your ability to secure a home loan, especially if you have experienced a negative credit event such as bankruptcy, short sale, or foreclosure. But how long do these incidences affect your credit? When […]

Self Employed Mortgage Advice – You CAN Buy ...

Working from home, especially when you are self-employed, is quickly becoming a standard, leaving many house-hunters to seek self employed mortgage advice. It’s easy to feel like homeownership is a far-off reality for many self employed buyers – after all, self employed individuals may not always have consistent income, making it harder for lenders to […]