3 Home Office Ideas to Help You Work Smarter

3 Home Office Ideas to Help You Work Smarter

Executive Financial Group
Executive Financial Group
Published on September 16, 2021

3 Home Office Ideas to Help You Work Smarter

We're spending more time at home than ever before, and with rising home values providing greater equity, now's a great time to explore new home office ideas and create your work-from-home oasis. Whether you have an existing home office and want to upgrade, or have space that you can renovate to meet your needs, we have some home office ideas for you.

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In this blog, I'm sharing three hot home office ideas to help you work smarter while adding value to your most valuable investment.

Refinance and build your perfect home office

Here's number one on the list of home office ideas: take advantage of your home equity and refinance to build your perfect home office. Depending on your situation, a cash-out refinance for a home renovation could give you the needed funds to build the ultimate home office.

Here are some ideas for how to put that equity to good use:

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  1. Add an extra bathroom for versatility and convenience.
  2. Build a kitchenette or wet bar to keep you powering through your work.
  3. Add pocket doors to your upstairs office, creating a library feel with the potential for an extra bedroom.
  4. Let there be light with UV bulbs and proper lighting to elevate your mood.
  5. Built-ins are great for merging storage & style.

A home office with a bathroom or kitchenette adds serious value, you may even be able to market it down the road as an in-law suite when you sell your home. Keep in mind that you're not just building for your home today, but you're building equity in the long term, also.

BONUS IDEA: Create an accent wall from horizontal wood paneling featuring different textures. A look this cool will give any home office a vintage feel while staying modern.

'Shed' your traditional notions

Converting or building a shed to serve as your home office is a clever way to achieve work-life separation - literally. It's a hot trend that has some homeowners pulling out all the stops. A freestanding shed or tiny house is a cost-effective way to give yourself a dedicated space that's quiet and bespoke.

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Try some of these home office ideas to bring your shed game to the next level:

  • Build a small wrap-around porch and add seating.
  • Easily configure central air to stay comfortable year-round.
  • Say goodbye to noise from other household members and work peacefully.

You may be able to count this finished space as part of your home's overall square footage, increasing your property's value.

Multiple missions sharing one flexible space

Need an extra bedroom for guests? What about a playroom and media room for your kids? Building a home office as versatile as your needs will add functionality to your home.

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Here are some great ideas for combining space:

  • Floating shelves offer storage without taking up floor space.
  • Store computers, printers, routers, and more in discrete cabinetry.
  • Try a desk that folds down from the wall to maximize space.
  • Mounted flatscreen TVs add entertainment without cutting into the room.

Think of these "compromises" as opportunities to get creative while getting more out of your space. Besides, you're also adding value to your home by maximizing its versatility.

Let your home equity work as hard as you do

If you’re working from home and need a space to focus and do what you do best, consider tapping into your home equity to create a space that works for you. I've helped countless homeowners refinance to get the funds they need to up their stay-at-home game.

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Ready to refinance for your perfect home office? I'm ready to help you get even more out of your home. Click here for an easy start to your home refinance application.



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